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Theetuin Weesp


For 30 years there has been, hidden behind one of the fortification walls of Weesp, a beautiful garden. A small paradise, well known amongst the real garden lovers. This model garden is pleasing to the eye, concealed behind  old hornbeam hedges. From here, stately black birches rise up. The central point of quietness  in  the garden is a pond surrounded by a huge Thuja hedge.

Flower-bulb expert
The garden is well-known as there are many beautiful plant combinations  to be enjoyed. This is due to the famous flower-bulb expert Jacqueline van der Kloet who is in charge. Her combinations of perennials and many species of the various flower bulbs make sure there are many delightful surprises in the model garden. In spring, the garden is at its best. But, thanks to the craftsmanship of the garden designer, the fairytale-like  combinations keep on coming all through summer and autumn. Your walk through the garden is a continuing discovery journey. In short, a ‘must’ for every garden enthusiast.

The central pond
The model garden is a good example of the ideal garden: a clear design with a straight-forward structure and a strong emphasis on the planting. The basic lay-out is formed by a combination of trees, shrubs, hedges and shaped boxwood figures. These are clear shapes and especially in winter they stick out and make the garden, also in this season, attractive. Around the central pond a meandering path leads you along borders with various planting combinations. Here, spring and summer bulbs,  perennials and summer annuals  alternate.

A splendor of color
The highlight of the garden season is springtime, when thousands of bulbs are blooming. A delight! After the snowdrops, hyacinths and glory-of-the-snow, masses of tulips and daffodils appear in April. The one after the other combination starts blooming and makes the garden look like a fairy tale come true, for weeks on end. In summer, the picture is a little less lavish but still inspiring enough due to the diversity in color and form. Many plants in the borders are attractive to bees and  butterflies, which results in extra liveliness. In fall a pleasant stillness comes over the garden. This is the time when especially the ornamental grasses and plants with a strong architectural shape define the atmosphere. An atmosphere which stays till far into winter.


No inspiration weekends in 1921
Unfortunately we have to cancel all the special weekends (flowerbulbs and art) in 2021 due to the pandemic.
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Theetuin theehuis Weesp

The Tea House
The building which now houses the restaurant was built in 1875 to store munitions. It is now a multifunctional space. Only during the regular inspirational weekends it is used as a tea room. But it can also be rented to house business meetings, parties, afternoon tea’s, etc.

Theetuin Weesp

Inspirational Weekends
The Tea Garden is situated on the Bastion Bakkerschans which dates from 1674. Three times a year inspirational weekends are organized here: the Bulb Festival in April, an Art Weekend during Whitsun and an “a late summer day” in September, coinciding with Monument Day.