Inspiring in every season
Theetuin Weesp


De Theetuin
Ossenmarkt 34
1381 LX Weesp
The Netherlands


The Tea House is for rent. For more information go to ‘rental conditions’ and ‘agenda’.

To use the garden for photo sessions, for example wedding pictures, mail to

Route description to the Tea Garden
From Amsterdam: follow the A9 in the direction of Zuid-Oost/Amersfoort. Exit Weesp/Gaasperplas S113. Follow direction Weesp. Turn left at traffic lights (BP gas station). Second street to the right towards the centre and right in front of town hall, turn left. First to the right, Kerkstraat, at the river turn right and cross the river on the white bridge. You are now at the Ossenmarkt. Drive around the fortress, leave the canons on your left and enter the Tea Garden.

From Utrecht: Follow the A9 towards Amsterdam Z.O./Amersfoort. Exit Weesp/Gaasperplas, S113. From here see above.

From Amersfoort: A1 towards Amsterdam, exit Muiden/Weesp. Follow Weesp and take the third turning at the roundabout towards ‘Centre’. After the tunnel follow the road towards the right. The road goes left  and right and at the traffic lights turn left. At the next traffic lights straight on and when the road goes right, you turn left towards ‘Centre’. At the end of the road you will see the town hall.  See above to continue.

Walking from the train station
Go to ‘exit centre’. Cross the station plaza to your left. Turn left and cross the zebra footpath to the right. Follow the river. Turn left at the bridge. This is the Hoogstraat. Follow the river again and turn left at the white bridge. You are now at the Ossenmarkt. Walk around the fortress and the canons, turn left to the entrance of the Tea Garden.
The walk takes about 10 minutes.


Tea Garden
You can visit the garden of the Tea Garden all year round, daily between 10 am and 5 pm. The most beautiful months are from April till October. On Sundays and holidays the whole complex/bastion is closed.

Tea House
TheTea House only is open for coffee and tea during the special Theme Weekends. The tea house is available for rent for almost the whole year except on Sundays and holidays. For more information go to rental conditions.

Inspirational Weekends
During the inspirational weekends the tea house and the outside terrace will be in use. A really nice place for having some tea, cakes, small lunches and/or alcoholic beverages. On all the other days the tea house is closed for visitors.

Theetuin theehuis Weesp

The Tea House
The building which now houses the restaurant was built in 1875 to store munitions. It is now a multifunctional space. Only during the regular inspirational weekends it is used as a tea room. But it can also be rented to house business meetings, parties, afternoon tea’s, etc.

Theetuin Weesp

Inspirational Weekends
The Tea Garden is situated on the Bastion Bakkerschans which dates from 1674. Three times a year inspirational weekends are organized here: the Bulb Festival in April, an Art Weekend during Whitsun and an “a late summer day” in September, coinciding with Monument Day.