Unique location - Tea House for rent
Theetuin Weesp


The tea house of the Tea Garden used to be an old munitions storage shed, part of the “Stelling van Amsterdam” (a defense fortification around the city of Amsterdam). This ensures a special, authentic  location, perfect for meetings and festive activities. The building is more than 100 years old and is surrounded by a terrace and a beautiful model garden.

The appeal of the tea house is the intimate and personal atmosphere. Entering the building one notices immediately the brick floor, the wooden walls and the original wooden window frames. An old-fashioned wooden bar and matching side boards  complete the intimate atmosphere. You feel at home immediately.

The tea house is only open to visitors on our special Inspiration days and Inspiration weekends. Besides that, the tea house can be hired for dinner and birthday parties, meetings and other celebrations.

There are several caterers that know exactly how to utilize this special place. A professionally equipped kitchen is an added plus. A covered veranda can be used to increase the number of people attending, up to 60 seated. An excellent location for lunches, (wedding) receptions, dinners around the big wood stove, workshops and brainstorm sessions.

The rental price is 90 euro (incl. sales tax) per hour. 2 Hours is the minimal time. For more information go to rental conditions. Availability can be checked at calendar.


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Theetuin theehuis Weesp

The Tea House
The building which now houses the restaurant was built in 1875 to store munitions. It is now a multifunctional space. Only during the regular inspirational weekends it is used as a tea room. But it can also be rented to house business meetings, parties, afternoon tea’s, etc.

Theetuin Weesp

Inspirational Weekends
The Tea Garden is situated on the Bastion Bakkerschans which dates from 1674. Three times a year inspirational weekends are organized here: the Bulb Festival in April, an Art Weekend during Whitsun and an “a late summer day” in September, coinciding with Monument Day.